Social media is everywhere these days, but it’s a bit difficult to determine exactly how it should fit into your job search. A lot of companies are recruiting via Social Media these days, and surprisingly, it’s not only LinkedIn. Stats say that Facebook and Twitter are being used quite often as well. This may depend greatly upon industry (it’s worth noting if you’re in tech or a creative industry, this is probably way more important than if you’re in engineering or healthcare) but it’s also likely that this trend is probably only going to increase in the future.

1) LinkedIn Takes the Top Spot

Obviously, LinkedIn is the most important when it comes to your online job search. Almost all companies these days are using LinkedIn as one of their most important recruiting tools. It allows recruiters to actively search for candidates who have the skills they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a job, LinkedIn is probably just about as important as your resume is. LinkedIn Profiles can become pretty long – there’s so much information to update! Make sure you have these key sections updated: Summary, Positions, and Skills. The summary is your place to shine: highlight all of your key achievements, your background and your goals in this section. Your positions should clearly spell out your career history, along with highlighting your most recent positions effectively. Skills are important too: they can highlight your areas of specialization.

2) Facebook: Gaining Popularity

Facebook has been used for recruiting purposes for some time. But how does a typical recruiter use Facebook?

Practically everyone is on Facebook these days. It’s true… I was totally shocked when my Mom signed up… and that was 8 years ago! The amount of data held by Facebook is immense, so companies can use it effectively for a targeted recruitment search. It gives employers the opportunity to target new graduates, seasonal recruits, hiring for niche positions or even strategic positions through targeting by age, demographics, job titles and more.

It’s also important because it allows companies to provide more information about what it’s like to work at the company, which is important for both employers and potential recruits. It’s great to get an idea of a company’s culture before you even apply, so you can understand if it’s a company you’d actually *like* to work at.

3) Be Careful What You Post

Most social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are sites geared towards personal use, so it can be a bit alarming to consider that they may be used for professional purposes. It’s always important to remember that you should be careful what you share on social media. Recruiters and hiring managers do review social media profiles to gain more insight into a potential candidate’s background

You can lock down your posts so only those you’ve accepted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can see what you’ve posted. If you’d like to share information with friends and/or family, but you don’t want a potential employer to see it, lock your profile down immediately. Just remember – any information you make public on the internet, is going to be public for either your current or future employer to see.

Social Media and Recruitment

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